Is a Tight, Uncomfortable Gi Holding You Back?

Free your fighting spirit in a custom women's gis

Most gis aren't designed with the average woman in mind. Traditional gis are uncomfortable and don't have enough room for your hips. Women in jiujitsu deserve better than a one-size-fits-all gi, and we have the solution.

At Enyo Combat Fitness & Apparel, our gis are customized specifically for all the different shapes and sizes of women in jiujitsu.

Our adjustable women's gis will get you back in the action while keeping you comfortable and covered. Contact us today to learn more.

What makes our gis different

Our gis were designed by women for women in jiujitsu. Our women's gis are:

  • Comfortable and high-waisted
  • Adjustable in the hip and waist areas
  • Easy to move in with great coverage
Our gis are meant for training only. We have tall options available and strongly recommend checking our size chart before ordering.